Frequently Asked Questions

Up until 2017, Silent Roof Matting Material (SRM), was available in both BLACK and WHITE (translucent) versions. As of  2018 we now only stock the BLACK version. Please note that the translucent version is still available for large quantity orders. Please use this Contact Us facility should you require any additional information.

The Silent Roof System material weighs 800 grams per square metre. Over a 10 square metre conservatory roof this equates to 8Kg or just over 17lbs.

There is of course the uPVC framing that contains the material which over the same size conservatory roof would be a similar weight. So the overall additional weight that the Silent Roof System would impose is 16Kg or 35lbs over this entire roof area of 10 square metres. The average conservatory roof can easily support the weight of an adult standing on top of the glazing bars!

Having lived with a conservatory equipped with a Silent Roof during the storms of January/February 2014, the answer is a definite YES. The winter of 2014 has bought the worst storms in living memory to the south coast of England. Our base is in Torquay which has suffered severe damage at several coastal locations. During this period our Silent Roof was totally unaffected by the gales and rainfall. Conclusion: providing the roof structure of your conservatory is sound, the Silent Roof system applied to it will stand the severest of storms. A fact.


Exactly the same way you clean your current roof material, typically with liquid detergent and water. Before we install your Silent Roof, we clean off the existing roof with a specially formulated biodegradable detergent. We offer an annual service that repeats this procedure; removing the Silent Roof System panels and cleaning them, cleaning the roof panels underneath and reinstating the Silent Roof System, clean as new for another year. Contact us for details.

From the inside, no. From the outside yes, like a brand new roof. See the 'Before & After' photographs in the 'Images' section.


The Silent Roof System is installed over your existing roof without the use of silicone adhesives that would potentially damage both polycarbonate sheeting and uPVC glazing bar capping. Your existing roof is left totally intact although we do thoroughly clean it prior to installing the Silent Roof System.

About 80% of installations are completed within one day. The major aspects of a job that determine the amount of time it will take to install are size and configuration. Contact us for details.