Solution to Rain Noise

The unique solution to NOISY conservatory roofs

Polycarbonate is lightweight, transparent, and relatively inexpensive making it a great material for conservatory roofs. However, the impact sound of heavy rain and hail reverberating on it can be so intense that the conservatory becomes unbearable to use – certainly an issue with the British climate!

In simple terms, the polycarbonate structure acts like a drum skin to give an annoying loud but ‘tinny’ high frequency sound when impacted by falling rain drops which tends to be irritating to the human ear.  We have developed and patented a unique retro fit solution that cuts the resonant frequency and suppresses the volume of noise produced and delivers a better acoustic performance, the Silent Roof material curbs rain noise to a comfortable quiet whisper for conservatory living.

Our externally fitted Translucent Sound Reducing System is manufactured from a ‘softer’ open structure durable material that deadens the impact of the rain and does not transmit the sound through the roof – the result is a duller much quieter whisper of rain fall. The Silent Roof material also protects your original conservatory roof panels from falling debris. Also, be assured that our system DOES NOT affect any guarantee you may hold in relation to your conservatory.