STOP Rain Noise Interruptions


Stop Rain Noise Interruptions. The solution to the problem of rain noise from hard roof surfaces affecting the living or working space beneath.

Is rain noise from your roof a problem to you and is the sound of beating rainfall affecting what you do in your work or living space? Do you have a profile metal roof structure or similar hard surface roof structure that is adversely affected by rain noise?

To stop rain noise interruptions to your activities, we at Silent Roof have developed the perfect solution to your problem.  Our Rain Noise Reduction Technology in the form of a flexible three dimensional material is applied to the exterior of your roof to dramatically reduce rain noise, learn more.

The material is supplied in bales of one metre in width and 60 metres in length. In the case of large area metal roof structures, the bales are simply rolled out across the surface of the roof and secured accordingly, adhesives and the like that may fail are not utilised during the fitting process ensuring that all of our installations are totally storm proof. A Silent Roof installation is swiftly completed and all installation activity takes place on the exterior of the building so not interfering with the activities below the roof in question. The Silent Roof material acts as a barrier to the falling rain, it consists of a three-dimensional matting produced from polyamide monofilaments welded together where they cross to form a tough open structure. It has a flat back on one side that faces uppermost towards the falling rain. This upper surface is produced from monofilaments in an irregular two-dimensional structure which is thermally bonded to the three-dimensional structure. The thickness of the matting is 18mm and only weighs 800 grams per square metre and so imposing a very small additional load to the roof structure. Stop rain noise interruptions now,

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