Reduce Heat Loss & STOP sun glare

The unique solution to excessive GLARE with polycarbonate & glass conservatory roofs

The Silent Roof translucent material structure diffuses the light that  the roof of your conservatory, which means that the irritating glare that you used to experience especially if you have a clear polycarbonate or glass roof is a thing of the past.

The unique solution to FURNITURE FADING with polycarbonate conservatory roofs

The Silent Roof translucent material structure reflects harmful UV rays, this reduces the degree of fading to furnishings and fabrics inside the conservatory.

Reduce heat loss, enjoy a WARMER conservatory in the winter months

When the winter comes it usually signals the time to lock up the conservatory until spring, simply because a glass or polycarbonate roof simply does not have the insulation properties required to keep the warmth in and the cold out.

The lightweight Silent Roof material reflects the suns heat in the summer and retains heat inside during the winter – so that your conservatory / sun-lounge will no longer prove almost impossible to use, you will no longer have to abandon your conservatory in the winter.