Sssh! Filming in progress – Silent Roof reduces the rain noise to a whisper

The former ‘Monster Building’ in Southall, Ealing, London, has been given a new lease of life thanks to the British film industry and and the Silent Roof noise reduction technology.

The factory site, which produced cereals including the famous ‘Honey Monster’ Sugar Puffs until 2016, was disused until its recent discovery by location scout company, Location Collective. However, while we may have just enjoyed the best summer in decades, Location Collective know that the rain noise produced by the traditional British weather does not mix well with profiled metal roof film sets, as downtime is an expensive burden on their budget. Searching on the Internet for a cure to their problem, they found the only externally installed product that dramatically reduces rain noise, before hitting the metal roof. In September 2018, they enlisted the help of  Silent Roof Ltd, who carried out the installation on the factory’s 5,400 square metre metal roof. The installation is now completed and the Monster Building is currently being converted in to a film set where a serialised production is being prepared. This will be televised at some later date via Sky Atlantic.