Testimonials (Conservatory Installations)

"Having put up with intolerable noise levels of rain falling on the polycarbonate roof of the conservatory for many years, it is now bliss to be able to hold a conversation without shouting - even during a heaving rainstorm.  Thank you Silent Roof."

Mary Q

I was looking for a system to deaden the sound of rain on my conservatory roof as our bedroom was next door and it kept us awake at night with the drumming noise of the rain. Happily I came across "The Silent Roof System" had a sample sent up to Hull, was impressed with the product and Graham and colleague fitted it for me. Now we can sleep through the night oblivious to the weather. Many thanks, I can recommend this product to anyone. Jim Platten   Hull

Jim Platten

Many thanks for the professional installation of the Silent Roof. It does as it says on the leaflet, we can now use the conservatory when its raining without the need to adjust the volume on the TV. It makes the room as it should be, an integral part of the house.

I will certainly recommend it to friends.

P Wingrove

I would just like to write a few words to say how very pleased we are with the Silent Roof you fitted for us recently.

We have been very impressed with the results obtained and can now use our Conservatory for the purpose it was built, ie as our home office. Before installation rain noise was unbearable at times but now we can work from home without being disturbed by the weather. The noise reduction is considerable and well worth the money.

We thank you and your team for a job very well done.

Mr Fell

It has been four months since my conservatory roof was treated with your system. During this Autumn period there has been the usual high volume of heavy rain, often driven by high winds. So I think this has been a fair test of the Silent Roof system.

My wife, having disabilities, spends a great deal of her time in the conservatory watching television and reading. Before the system was fitted the noise of the rain falling on the plastic roof was such that she was obliged to turn the TV volume up almost to full power. If this continued for too long she would have to retreat to another part of the house. Your system has reduced the noise to a level where she no longer has to adjust the volume of the TV set.

I would certainly recommend the noise reduction qualities of the system.

Yours sincerely,

Mr Horsewell